The 21st century will be remembered for the social, economic, psychological and scientific change brought about by the revolution of new technologies.
We find ourselves at a time when we have two options (the threshold): to stay in an ecosystem that evolves towards hyperconnectivity and digitality, or to take a more conservative direction that is based exclusively in a bidirectional relationship in between humans and “pure” nature.
Solimán López proposes an alternative to this challenge, connecting agriculture and mother Earth, with the latest technologies related to WEB 3.0.

OLEA consists of the creation of a token, whose "smart contract" (a digital file) has been synthesised, stored and produced in DNA format in the Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC) in Sevilla, Spain.
These laboratory-created DNA molecules include in their sequence the correspondence of the digital file and function as a biological "hard disk” or biotoken, which in turn has been inserted into olive oil.

With this gesture, the artist connects the oldest economy of humanity, agriculture, with the newest and most digital one belonging to the WEB 3.0.
Olive oil, once used as a bargaining chip, as golden liquid, as a gift and as an engine of friction, is now updated and becomes its own a biotoken or biobank, transforming the nature and who taste it in an advanced entity.

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