Ether (Equality) : the artwork

that writes the future

Kohei Nawa, Ether (Equality), Ile Seguin, Paris, France

Ether (Equality), a sculpture proposed by DANAE.IO and Japanese artist Kohei Nawa, has won the international contest launched by the Hauts-de-Seine French Department to create a monumental work of art on the downstream tip of Ile Seguin in Boulogne-Billancourt, near La Seine Musicale. This work embodies the idea of Equality, echoing Auguste Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty. It will be inaugurated in march 2023.

Ether (Equality) is a 25 meters high three-dimensional sculpture, made of 12 facets - as an echo to the spheral architecture of La Seine Musicale - in stainless steel painted with a slightly pinkish matt chrome.

“It is a visualization of capturing solid-state falling drops. A regular rhythm of circles, spheres and slings composes the movement. The surface is worked in facets. Placed on the ground, the sculpture seems to float on the surface, it is fixed to the prow of the island as if it were a ship of which La Seine Musicale is the body and its sphere the sail and standard. Visible at 360°, its appearance remains the same, whichever the viewing angle: it is a lighthouse that guides the mind” explains Kohei Nawa.

The work symbolises the notion of equality contained in any principle of gravity. Gravity acts the same way for all life on earth, making us all equal.

The sculpture will be complemented by several devices made possible by new technologies:
an augmented reality environment via an application installed on a smartphone or tablet, and a virtual reality environment. These tools will support the exhibition and provide the necessary mediation, with the application serving both to discover the video in augmented reality and to learn more about the work, the artist and his career.

Kohei Nawa is a Japanese contemporary artist, born in 1975 in Osaka. He now lives in Kyoto, where he teaches at the University of Art and Design. Through his works, he explores the perception of virtual and physical space.He examines the relationship between the natural and the artificial, between the individual and the whole, illustrating how parts aggregate together - like cells - to create complex and dynamic structures. His work can be found in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the National Gallery Victoria in Melbourne, among others.

The jury that selected the winner was composed of local elected officials and personalities from the world of art and culture, presidents of institutions, artists, exhibition curators, the architect of La Seine Musicale, etc.

  • List of jury members:
  • Georges Siffredi, President of the jury and President of the Hauts-de-Seine Department
  • Paula Aisemberg, Director of artistic projects and Deputy Director of the future Emerige Foundation
  • Kathy Alliou, Head of the Scientific and Cultural Development Department, Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts
  • Ami Barak, Curator, Artistic Director of the Salon de Montrouge
  • Catherine Chevillot, Director of the Rodin Museum
  • Isabelle Dapremont, Deputy Director General of Boulogne-Billancourt
  • Christian Dupuy, Vice-President of the Hauts-de-Seine Department in charge of culture
  • Rita Demblon-Pollet, Departmental Councillor of Rueil-Malmaison, member of the Tender Commission
  • Laurence Equilbey, conductor of Insula Orchestra
  • Vincent Franchi, Departmental Councillor of Courbevoie, member of the Tender Commission
  • Jean de Gastines, Architect of La Seine Musicale
  • Constance Guisset, Designer, Studio Constance Guisset
  • Alice Le Moal, Departmental Councillor of Clichy, member of the Tender Commission
  • Catherine Pégard, President of the Public Institution of the Castle, Museum and National Domain of Versailles
  • Sébastien Perrotel, Departmental Councillor of Colombes, President of the Culture and Sports Commission
  • Romane Sarfati, General Director of the Cité de la Céramique.