Helping art galleries and cultural institutions engage in the NFT space

Our mission is to create the ecosystem that allows art players to easily connect with the crypto sphere.

Created by art historians and blockchain experts, DANAE.IO offers a unique solution based on the best of both worlds of art and crypto, led by the following observation: artistic value, scarcity, and usage make the value of an NFT.

We believe that Web3 offers a whole new field of possibilities for the evolution of art. In the same way that contemporary art has represented a new paradigm of art, the evolution of Web2 towards Web3 is opening up a palette of expressions and emotions never before explored.

Our team


DANAE.IO gives galleries the opportunity to grow their art business online and reach a global audience 24/7.

Each gallery has a dedicated online space to showcase its artists and tokenized artworks, and collectors can directly contact the gallery for inquiries.

DANAE.IO also partners with cultural institutions such as museums and opera houses to create custom projects an innovative art experiences.

Our work also extends to the field of public art with art projects that shape the future.

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