Denis Santelli

For the last 20 years, Denis Santelli’s been experimenting with various innovative technologies related to digital art including generative art, but Denis Santelli is a classically trained artist, his primary medium was oil paint on canvas. Today, he manipulates digital material with the approach of a painter.


He holds a Master in Fine Arts MFA (DNSEP) from the North French Higher Art School. He taught New Media Art at National Higher Art School (Beaux-Arts) of Paris-Cergy and Interactive Media Design at the International Institute of Internet Research & Laboratories. He has participated in several exhibitions and has been invited to various seminars and talks about Art & New Media in the USA and in Europe and Asia. He showed his work at RunMe, and Rhizome and was exhibited at San Francisco and Paris. He was recently exhibited at CONTEXT Art Miami during Art Basel Miami in 2019. He also received various commissions for Murals in Berlin and Beijing China. He organized in 2021 the first hybrid exhibition Metaverse/Physical in Paris and CryptoVoxels.




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