Thomas Paquet

Thomas Paquet's work revolves around the fundamental characteristics of photography: light, space and time.

French-Canadian born in 1979, Thomas Paquet questions the nature of time, the structure of its uninterrupted flow and the dynamics of its movement. Thomas Paquet's work revolves around the fundamental characteristics of photography, light, space and time, in attempt to create and propose viewers a sensitive experience of the world.


His approach to photography is direct, practical. Experimentation is often central to his research and for each of his projects, a specific procedure is implemented, whether optical, physical or chemical. If silver gelatin films are often at the heart of his creative process, he also uses alternative techniques such as instant films, wet collodion, cyanotypes and other 19th century techniques. The works produced reveals a truly contemporary dimension while exploring the possibilities and limits of the photographic document from within. They are an invitation to go beyond our representation of reality, blurring the boundaries between science and poetry, materiality and abstraction, objectivity and subjectivity. The artist is represented by Bigaignon, based in Paris.




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