Vivian Ho

Vivian Ho is a post-90s emerging artist who is active in the scene of art and illustration in Hong Kong.

The overlap and dislocation of the objects and scenes are to expose the existence of the contradictions in life, behind the exploration is the relationship between the individual and the inner world, also presents a dialogue between the individual and the environment.


After the graduation in Wesleyan University, she held solo and group exhibitions in New York, Italy, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other places. Vivian was named one of the top five local artists to watch at the Affordable Art Fair HK 2014. Following that, she has given some guest lectures at SCAD, the University of Hong Kong and TEDxYouth. As a Hong Kong native, born post-90s, she has a special feeling for Hong Kong’s local culture and has a different kind of view to observe the world. Vivian’s multi-media creations that she made for the cultural, commercial domain and also the public services show us her alternative imagination and sharp social insight, widely praised by people. Partners include the Hong Kong International Film Festival, TVB, Nike, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, Lee Jeans, Carhartt, Standard Chartered, HSBC, MTR Corporate, UA Cinema, Herman Miller etc. Since graduating from university, Vivian constantly explores different creative languages through a special love for pastel. However, only when she writes the titles in the form of sentences below the works, the pastoral works can be considered complete. The inspiration for these titles comes from the well-known Hong Kong films, accompanied by the Guangdong songs of the 80s and 90s. Vivian is good at observing the ordinary people of urban life and building a surreal, romantic, film like scene for them, so that they become the leading role of real life.




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