Telepopmusik, an iconic post-French touch band, is releasing its first digital artworks with La Moufle, an audiovisual creation studio already in charge of all the videos for their latest album “Everybody Breaks The Line”.


The band Télépopmusik had a quick start to their career, thanks to the success of their first album, "Genetic World," released in 2001. The hit song "Breathe" from this album was used in many ads and movies, like Jacques Audiard's "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" and the American show "Six Feet Under." After their second album, "Angel Milk," in 2005, the group came back with "Everybody Breaks the Line", a collection of electronic pop songs tracing the evolution of this musical genre over the past 15 years. In this album, Télépopmusik addresses contemporary social and political issues through tracks like "Dreams" and "Ghost of Love."




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