Art Paris Art Fair

September 9, 2023
Grand Palais Ephémère, Paris

DANAE.IO is pleased to organize a conference at Art Paris Art Fair, moderated by Judith Benhamou.

This conference explores the realms of digital art, NFTs, and their impact on the art market. It raises important questions regarding the integration of digital art in public spaces, the future of art in the digital age, and the revolutionary potential of NFTs. The discussions delve into topics such as the transformation of public spaces into digital realms, the emergence of new artistic practices, the evolving role of galleries in the digital era, and the implications of NFTs on the traditional art market. Overall, this conference provides insights into the dynamic landscape of digital art and its transformative effects on the art world.

José-Manuel Gonçalves, Sylvain Levy, Paul Ardenne, Pierre Martin-Vivier, Elise de Blanzy, Roei Amit, Phoebe Greenberg, Kohei Nawa, Pau Walder, César Piette.


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