Thomas Paquet

The Observatory

Group Show
July 6 - December 17, 2022
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel

DANAE.IO is pleased to present The Observatory by Thomas Paquet in collaboration with Bigaignon Gallery and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is exhibiting The Observatory by Thomas Paquet as part of the group show, NFT, One of a Kinds, curated by Maya Vinitsky with Yonni Avidan (Associate curator).

Thomas Paquet presents the first algorithmic digital artwork that evolves in real time, while being geolocated. One of the peculiarities of this artwork is its infinite nature: the program updates the positions of the moon and the sun in real time and generates a unique evolving color gradient.

Born in 1979
Lives and works in Paris, France
Thomas Paquet, represented by gallery Bigaignon, explores time's nature, uninterrupted flow, and dynamic movement. His photography focuses on light, space, and time, offering viewers a sensitive experience of the world. Through experimentation, he employs various techniques like silver gelatin films and alternative processes such as instant films and wet collodion.

Thomas Paquet, The Observatory. ⓒThomas Paquet. Courtesy of the artist.


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