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Soliman Lopez

Solo show
March 1 to 5, 2023
Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

DANAE.IO is pleased to present artist Soliman Lopez at Art Dubai.

For his solo exhibition, Soliman Lopez, a conceptual artist and researcher in new media, unveils OLEA, a digital installation. This unique artwork explores the creation of a special olive oil whose composition incorporates DNA molecules containing the synthesis of a smart contract code embedded in the blockchain. Through this innovative process, the artist introduces a concept he refers to as "biotoken."

Born in 1981, Burgos, Spain
Soliman Lopez is an innovative artist known for his boundary-pushing work in conceptual art and new media. His installations transcend traditional art forms, incorporating elements of technology and science. Lopez's immersive artworks challenge viewers' perceptions and provoke thought, often through interactive experiences. With a focus on themes like identity, memory, and the influence of technology, he offers fresh perspectives on contemporary art in the digital age.

Installation view of OLEA’s installation at Art Dubai, 2023. Photo: Soliman Lopez. ⓒSoliman Lopez. Courtesy of the artist.


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