Art Basel Miami



December 7, 2023

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ICA Miami, Florida

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In collaboration with DMINTI, DANAE is pleased to present artist Ricci Albenda's installation Universal Color Clock at ICA Miami during the Art Basel fair.

The artist experiments with written language as a visual and linguistic entity, both personal and collective. Through textual paintings, he develops a colorization system called COLOR-I-ME-TRY. This algorithmic system mathematically associates each letter with a unique color spectrum. Vowels align with the archetypal hues of the prism spectrum ROYGBIV: a = red, e = orange, i = yellow, o = green, u = blue. Numerals occupy the magenta tones, connecting the end of the alphabet with its beginning to form a complete color wheel

Ricci Albenda has chosen 1440 unique colors to correspond to each minute of the day. Each person can own a color based on a specific spectrum correlated with a minute within a 24-hour timeframe. This digital artwork is created on the Ethereum blockchain following the ERC721 standard.

On this occasion, Ricci Albenda presented his artwork "Universal Color Clock" with Alex Gartenfeld, Artistic Director of ICA Miami.


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