La Poétique de l’eau

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April 25, 2024 - May 24, 2024

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17 Bouloi, Paris

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In collaboration with 1703, DANAE is pleased to present La Poétique de l’eau, a group show curated by Elisabeth Karolyi, featuring Bianca Shonee Arroyo,DanieL Bourgais, Nikolas Chasser Skilbeck, Mihai Grecu, Kalen Iwamoto and Julien Silvano, Sasha Katz, Minuit, Sybil Montet, Jacques Perconte, Republic of Images, Sarah Ridgley.

Water is talkative. It speaks of creation, beauty, the passing of time and the earth beneath our feet. It conceals mysteries and surely hides treasures. Water has always carried a strong symbolism. Depending on the culture and the era, it is regenerative, purifying, protective, destructive... today it's fragile.

Since the dawn of time, it has inspired artists and nourished their representations. A perfect pretext for purely formal explorations, before the notion of abstract art even emerged! The artworks of this exhibition are no exception. Through digital means - video, compression, superimposition, scanning, alteration of tones and colors, motion, algorithms and 3D - the artists tirelessly take nature both as model and subject. And it’s about environment, life, death, but also of information overload and, of course, artificial intelligence.


Mihai Grecu

Mihai Grecu is a Romanian visual artist and filmmaker. A graduate of Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains, he lives and works in Paris. Oscillating between experimental cinema and CGI creations, his sin gular imagery stages dreamlike visions shot through with political allegories, surrealist objects, modified architecture and symbolic characters. He is the laureate of the "Prix du Syndicat de la Critique du Cinéma" for his documentary work. His filmic and artistic work has been presented and awarded at numerous film festivals (Rotterdam, Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal, Cl...


Elisabeth Karolyi

Elisabeth Karolyi is a curator and journalist based in Paris and Vienna. Trained as an art historian, she specializes in digital art, architecture, design, film and photography, their correspondence and the perception of space. She contributes to numerous magazines and recently curated the exhibition "The Portrait at the Dawn of Web3, Reinventing a Genre" with digital arts hub 1703. Her forthcoming exhibition, “Projections, olympic architectures” will be presented at the Galerie Charlot in Paris (summer 2024). © tous droits réservés


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