Digital Art Mile



June 10, 2024 - June 16, 2024

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Space31, Booth 3 Rebgasse 31, Basel

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DANAE is pleased to participate in Digital Art Mile 2024 with Agoria, Stephan Breuer, Louis-Paul Caron, Harto, Sasha Katz and Minuit.

This unprecedented event, initiated by Georg Bak and Roger Haas, will transform a historic district of Basel into a vibrant avenue dedicated exclusively to digital art.

On this occasion, DANAE showcases the work of six digital artists.

AGORIA, in collaboration with Johan Lescure, presents the series {Compend-AI-M}. Agoria is considered a trailblazer in Biological Generative Art, seeking the immanence of the living in the code, especially in the {Compend-AI} series.

Stephan Breuer presents The Breuer Experience 1, a video work that marks the first step in developing a pioneering art video game. This game enables the public to follow Breuer’s land art and in situ interventions.

Louis-Paul CARON showcases his series Incendies, digital works produced with artificial intelligence on the theme of global warming and our disconnection from living things. In a manner reminiscent of 17th-century pastoral paintings, nature is present in the scene as a backdrop.

Harto exhibits Singularity, a collaboration with the gallery Lezar House. This project consists of two main creative stages: the creation in p5.js with colored blocks and chaotic grids, followed by a 3D deformed toroid connected to the first algorithm, animated on two axes in Three.js. Each piece is associated with a unique print on stainless metal and mirror. The project culminates in a 3-meter inflatable museum piece.

Sasha Katz presents Les Baigneuses, a series influenced by various artistic interpretations of ‘Bathers’ throughout art history. This series embraces Slavic mythology, focusing on ‘Mavkas’—spirits that lure the living into water, where they meet their demise.

Lastly, Minuit exhibits LE TABLEAU ET L’ECRAN, 02 Le géant et la ville, a sculpture series of multiple portraits blending 3D scans of faces, architecture, and vegetation. These portraits represent relationships that stretch and distance over time, eventually disappearing behind a gauzy veil. Additionally, Minuit's triptych POSTDIGITAL 01.C explores various questions about our hopes through technology, pondering scenarios like the inability to reduce electronic components or the idea of engineers being a luxury at the cutting edge of the world.



I look for the immanence of the living into the code, especially in the {Compend-AI} series. The difficult part was to capture a human generative process that couldn’t be questioned. For a year I traveled capturing human gesture repetitions, in order to build my own precise database. It has been a long and exciting walk where the poster maker appears as evidence. I followed them a lot and I captured all remnants on the walls everywhere in the world, my DJ tour helped a lot here! It’s one of the most incredible human generative processes. First, it questions the culture we are constantly sold, ...


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